Dressage in General

  • Dressage in General

    The Passage

    View Video Online Passage Defined This is a very collected, cadenced trot that is characterized by elevated movement of the knees and hocks, as well as a defined engagement of the quarters. This trot has a prolonged period of suspension.…

  • Dressage in General

    Lengthening of Stride

    View Video Online Lengthening of Stride Defined To increase the pace where each stride covers more gound. This is usually performed on the long side of the arena or across the diagonal. How to Execute Lengthening of Stride Start in Working Trot or Working…

  • Dressage in General

    The Leg Yield

    View Video Online Leg Yield Defined The horse exhibits a slight flexion of the poll away from the direction he is traveling. The inside legs should cross in front of the outside legs with the rider being able to see…

  • Dressage in General

    The Half Pass

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Half Pass Defined The horse bends slightly around the rider’s inside leg with the forehand moving slightly in advance of the hind quarters as the horse travels across…

  • Dressage in General

    The Half Halt

    View Video Online Half Halt Defined The half halt is a nearly invisible, simultaneous action of the hand, seat and legs used to capture the horse’s attention and regain balance. The secret to effective half halts is balance of the…

  • Dressage in General

    Free Walk

    View Video Online Free-Walk Defined The free walk demonstrates long strides, a relaxed back and a lowering and stretching of the head and neck illustrating complete relaxation. It can be ridden with little or no contact. The horse is encouraged…

  • Dressage in General

    The Canter

    View Video Online What is the Canter? A “three-time” gait where the hind leg strikes off followed by the opposite and diagonal fore leg and then the opposite foreleg (a.k.a. – the lead leg) followed by a moment of suspension.…

  • Dressage in General

    The 20-Meter Circle

    Click here to view this video online 20 Meter (20m) Circle Defined A circle that is 20 meters in diameter and that ends in exactly the same place it started. How to Execute the 20 Meter Circle Start in trot rising…


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