Dressage in General

Dressage Rider Classifications and Attire

Dressage Rider Classifications

Dressage riders can be categorized into several different classifications. The different categories are outlined below.

Children: 12-14 years of age
Pony: 12-16 years of age
Junior: 14-18 years of age
Young: 16-21 years of age
Seniors: 18+ years of age
Adult Amateur: 22+ years of age

Note: All ages are based on the rider’s age at the beginning of the calendar year and for a particular competitive season.

Dressage Rider Attire

In order to compete in dressage competitions, the rider must be dressed appropriately. Training through Fourth Level riders are expected to wear a conservatively colored short riding coat or cutaway coat with short tails with a tie, stock tie or choker, white or light colored breeches or jodhpurs, boots or Jodhpur boots and a hunt cap, hard shell riding cap or derby or top hat. Gloves are recommended but not required. Spurs are optional.

A competitive rider above the Fourth level is required to wear a dark colored tail coat with top hat or dark colored jacket with bowler hat or hunt cap, white or light colored breeches, stock tie or tie, gloves, black riding boots and spurs (which are mandatory for all FEI tests).



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