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How is your dressage journey going? Are You:

  • Frustrated
  • Overwhelmed
  • Intimidated
  • Anxious
  • Confused
  • Alone

For more than a decade, Dressage Academy has been helping riders worldwide.

Dressage Academy has helped thousands of dressage riders worldwide to achieve their greatest success. Whether your goal is becoming a Grand Prix rider or you want to develop a better relationship with your horse, we are with you every step of the way.

We hear from riders at all levels who feel the same way that you do. The dressage journey is a long and challenging one that can leave even the most astute, dedicated rider with questions. That is why we created Dressage Academy. It is our mission to help you:

  • overcome your greatest challenges.
  • get the results you want.
  • reach your highest goals.
  • be the rider you dream to be.

Have Your Trainer with You Every Step of the Way.

From offering training tips and insights to providing individualized feedback to help you overcome your greatest challenges, our team of dressage experts is here for you. Our personalized approach is designed to give you as much support as you need to reach your goals.

Dressage Academy is like having your very own dressage trainer with you every step of the way.

As a Dressage Academy Free Bronze Member, you will gain access to training tips, the virtual riding lesson library and our monthly dressage newsletter.

Make Each Ride CountBecome a Silver Member 

For less than a carryout lunch (only $4.99/mo), you will be given an all access pass to a variety of training tools that will enable you to develop the skills necessary to reach your greatest potential. Our extensive library allows you to search for the areas you are most interested in and work at your own pace to overcome training challenges. Programs like:

The Rider’s Classroom

Educational webinars and videos that explain the what, why, when and how of dressage. Each sessions is designed to help riders better understand the foundational aspects of dressage including history, biomechanics and training techniques. This is where we give clarity to those somewhat ambiguous concepts and topics that trainers are always using. You will be armed with the knowledge and information necessary to take you up the levels.

The Training Toolbox

Our exclusive library of exercises to introduce and improve the movements required at all levels. Exercise videos, goals, pre-requisites and common mistakes during execution help the rider to plan successful schooling sessions that yield results.

Members Only Facebook Group

An uplifting community of Silver members that serve as a support network for dressage riders, enthusiasts and professionals to connect and support one another throughout their journey. Members are welcome to upload videos, ask questions and cheer one another on in their journey.

Are you excited about your dressage journey? So are we.

Let’s reach new levels together.

In addition, you will receive quick tips, access to the virtual riding lesson library, the Dressage Academy Members Facebook Community and much more.

Are You Ready to Take Your Riding to the Next Level?

Don’t worry, we understand that this may not be for everyone. So, if you find that this is not a good fit for you, cancel at anytime – No questions asked.

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