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In The Moves - The Volte










What is the Volte

A 6, 8 or 10-meter diameter circle starting and ending at the same point.

How to Execute the Figure 8

Start in the walk, trot or canterdepending on the horse's ability.

Flex the horse at the poll to the inside slightly a few strides before starting the circle.

Start the turn by increasing flexion and sliding outside leg behind the girth - be sure inside leg remains at the girth for bend.

Allow slightly on outside rein.


Allowing on the outside rein, without throwing away, allows the horse to stretch the outside neck muscles and torso.

All aids must be maintained throughout the movement.

Purpose of the Volte

To promote strength.

To improve suppleness.

To improve balance and coordination.

To improve the rider's aids.

Common Errors in Execution

The horse has little or no lateral bend.

The horse evades with haunches.

The horse is tight in the neck.

The horse is on the forehand.

The rider doesn't plan correctly.

The volte is not perfectly round.

The volte is too small or too large.

The rider pulls the horse around the volte.