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Intermediare I Dressage

Intermediare I level is considered the beginning stage of the advanced standards in dressage. Horse and rider use this level to improve the horse's ability to perform the Prix St. George level movements, as well as prepare mentally and physically for the requirements of the Intermediate II level. The Musical Freestyle is also performed at this level. As with the lower level tests, this level includes walk, trot and canter work, multiple flying lead changes and half pirouettes.

The Intermediare I level test video clips are shown below to illustrate the required movements and musical freestyle at this level.

Required movements for Intermediare I level dressage include:
Trot - Medium, Extended & Collected, Half Pass, Shoulder In
Walk - Extended and Collected, 1/2 Pirouette
Canter - Medium, Extended & Collected, Half Pass, Zig Zag Half Pass, Pirouette & Multiple Flying Lead Changes Every 2-3 Strides
Halts - Collected Trot to Halt & Collected Canter to Halt - immobility

Intermediate I Level Dressage Video Clips & Test(This test is based on the 2002 edition FEI Dressage Test)

Video Clips
Intermediate I Level Test

Intermediate I Level Dressage - Clip 1

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Intermediate I Level Dressage
Clip 2

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Intermediare I Level Dressage - Musical Freestyle 1

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A - Enter Collected Canter
X - Halt - Immobility - Salute
Proceed Collected Trot
C - Track Left
HXF - Change Rein in Extended Trot
FK - Collected Trot

KV - Shoulder-In Right


VM - Half Pass Right
MC - Collected Trot

C - Halt - Rein back 5 steps and proceed immediately in collected trot
HS - Shoulder-In Left
SF - Half Pass Left
FAK - Collected Trot
KR - Change Rein in Medium Trot
R - Collected Walk
M - Turn Left
Between G&H - Half Pirouette to the left
Between G&M - Half Pirouette to the right
The Collected Walk
GHSBP - Extended Walk

Before P - Collected Walk
PFA - Collected Canter

A - Down Center line
Between D&G - 3 Half Passes 5m to either side of the center line with flying change of leg at each change of direction starting and ending to the right
G -
Flying Change of Leg
C - Turn Left
HXF - Change Rein in Extended Canter
F - Transition to Collected Canter and Flying Change of Leg
FAK - Collected Canter
KB - On the Diagonal
L - Pirouette to the Right
B - Flying Change of Leg
BH - On the Diagonal
I - Pirouette to the Left
H - Flying Change of Left
HCM - Collected Canter
MXK - On the Diagonal 5 flying changes of leg every third stride
KAF - Collected Canter
FXH - On the Diagonal 7 Flying Changes of leg every second stride
HC - Collected Canter
C - Transition to Collected Trot
CM - Collected Trot
MXK - Extended Trot
KA -
Collected Trot
A - Down Centerline
X - Halt - Immobility - Salute

Leave Arena at A in walk on a long rein

Intermediate I Level Dressage - Musical Freestyle 2

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