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Dressage Articles

Dressage-Academy.com is dedicated the expanding public knowledge of this magnificent sport. We have provided a variety of articles about different areas pertaining to the sport of Dressage. We hope that you find these to be beneficial. If you would like to contribute information to this site, please feel free to contact us to see about including your article or information.

New Articles

What Makes a Good Warm-Up

A good warm-up determines the success of your entire training session. These valuable tips from FEI rider and published author, Jec Ballou, will help you prepare your horse for the training session and help to prevent injury.

Lameness: Common Ailments and Remedies
Although often alarming and definitely inconvenient, most forms of equine lameness are minor and temporary.

Feeding Performance Horses
A basic guide to providing your horse with the appropriate diet for his rigorous training schedule.

Selecting a Suitable Dressage Horse - Part 2
This article discusses suitable characteristics of the dressage horse as they pertain to temperament and conformation.

Selecting a Suitable Dressage Horse - Part 1
This article discusses some preliminary things to consider when looking to purchase or lease a dressage horse.

Old Articles

Elasticity - The Mastery of Give and Take
In dressage, elasticity pertains to the responsiveness of the horse to his rider’s aids. This article explains the principles of elasticity and its development.

Classical Dressage - A New Look at Old Principles
This article is a brief glimpse at Classical Dressage and some of the principles applied in this classical art form.

Mind Over Matter
A realistic look at how a person's attitudes and emotions impact their horse and practical ways to turn negatives into positives.

Rejuvenate Your Dressage Horse
This article discuss several techniques for revitalizing your horse. These techniques will help restore you and your horses spirits and prepare both of you mentally and physically for the upcoming show season.

Dressage Scores and Their Meaning
This article describes the scoring table for dressage tests and gives a detailed description of the expectation and advancement of a horse and rider.

Dressage Rider Classifications and Attire
This article provides information about how dressage riders are classified and what they are expected to wear in order to compete.