About Our Audience

Demographic Data

Dressage Academy has been connecting the dressage community for nearly a decade. Our commitment to providing quality information and educational opportunities in a user-friendly format has made us the “go to” source for riders, enthusiasts, horse owners, competitors and professionals.

Our participants and visitors are dedicated to their horses. They want the best products and services for their equine partners and themselves. As an advertiser, you are assured an audience that is committed to their sport, their horses and their suppliers. They do not hesitate to tell the riding community of their favorite brands. With this loyalty, your advertising dollars will reach more potential customers for less.

Audience Demographics Online Statistics
Adults 90% Unique/new visitors/month  over 12,000
     – Female 96% Unique/new visitors/month in 2017 up 24%
     – Male 4% Site visits in 2016 over 185,000
$150,000+ Annual Income 28% Site visits in 2017 up 35%
Own at least 1 horse 97% Mobile users 50%
Ride at least 4-5 times/wk 50% Desktop users 37.9%

Worldwide Exposure

By Country By Continent
United States 51.89% North America 59.04%
United Kingdom 21.48% Europe 29.40%
Canada 6.36% Australia 7.21%
Australia 5.65% Asia 2.59%
New Zealand 1.55% Africa 1.46%

$102 Billion Spent Annually in the Horse Industry

$371 million on Horse Feed

$337 million on Trailers

$145 million on
English Tack and Saddlery
$144 million on
$36 million on
Horse Health Care Products
$26 million on
Hoof Treatments

$15 million on
Fly Control